Friday, February 24, 2012

Blog Guelph: Sugar-Pie, Honey-Bunch

Merlin, originally uploaded by Julia Busato Photography.

I should come clean.
I have been, and will undoubtedly always be, a nicknamer.

It’s the highest form of flattery, really.
And only in very rare circumstances have I found myself branding people out of scorn. Dear are, Sunshine, Leppy, LaLa, Sioux-sie Q, Dan the Man, Pepito. I'm also fond of initials for the extra specials.

As you can see, not all of my pet names are shorter forms. Does “nick” really have to suggest something diminutive, I ask?

So did we learn this from our parents, cooing angel-face and honey-pie to us in our cribs?

Having worked for the 450+ businesses downtown the past 7+ years, I’ve found myself referring to John Knar, Sarah Coriander, Ann Budd’s, Shelley Red Brick. I like to believe this is just smart business. Killing two birds as it were.

There’s a Purolator man I’ve worked with and see around town daily for 15 years whom I still refer to as Dude.
He, in response, Dudette.
That small familiarity makes the world seem warmer.
Or at very least defined.

To discover the best nicknames, head over to Market Square rink tonight, where the Roller City Roller Girls are trading in their wheels for steel. Spunky Brewster, Kim Carsmashian, and Bangers n' Smash will be there in the flesh, so I'm told. All this in the spirit of the February version of Fourth Fridays , found downtown tonight 7-10 pm.
And please, don't miss out on the many other fantastic Fourth Friday offerings. More info on the Facebook Page.

Adieu, sweetyfaces.

-Downtown Lynn

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