Monday, February 06, 2012

Blog Guelph: Everyone Loves a Parade!

Guelph parade 6

I'm going to step back in time with today's photo selection - and pay tribute to the Guelphites that helped create this fine city that we call home.

It's easy to forget about the folks that came before us - the pioneering types that set about building Guelph from a vision and little more. Sure, we have a few historic plaques sprinkled about the city and an annual John Galt Day to honour our ancestors. But on a daily basis, does anyone appreciate the sweat it took to get the show we call 'Guelph' on the road?

I have no details to offer with these pics - if you do, please chime in with a comment. And as you go through your day, take note of all that is our city - and take a moment to say thanks to Guelph's mothers and fathers.

Should you fancy the chance to bone upon your Guelph History, try attending the Guelph Historical Society lecture series - details await you with a simple click.

Sue Richards

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