Friday, December 16, 2011

Blog Guelph: I have outwalked the furthest city light...I have been one acquainted with the night

The Brightest Star, originally uploaded by Krista Kruger.

excerpted from Robert Frost, "Acquainted with the Night"

Now lest you think my nod to Robert Frost suggests that I'm all broody today my dearhearts, I am far from it.
In fact I'm downright giddy.
Light as a feather, happy as an angel.
(thanks Scrooge)
This may be due in part to Aidan's beautiful love post yesterday, which reminded me of how very lucky I am in love.

But back to the nocturnal.
With next Wednesday's Solstice looming brightly we can relax, sit back and embrace the darkness while it's still here.
Because there is ample reason to celebrate.

There's been quite a bit of activity in the night skies in recent days. The Geminid meteor shower was tough to catch a glimpse of through Tuesdays cloud cover, but it was there. The night before that a meteorite tore across the sky over the watchful heads of several Guelph Tweeters. And mere days before that we had a lunar eclipse - again not so visible to our daytime eyes - but undeniably there nonetheless. So say the Aussies.

Now that's some serious busyness in the night.

So lift your downcast eyes and have a good look at these less-illuminated pics closely. Don't be daunted by the darkness, take note of it's generosity.

There is much beauty in the night.
Greatness without light.


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