Friday, December 02, 2011

Blog Guelph: Getting there

Under the Bridge, originally uploaded by LesPaulSupreme.

We do tend to get where we need.
Eventually anyway.
These wonders of engineering help to bridge the gap between two spots.
To overtake hazards in our way.
Leap offs to destinations.

This is one of 3 bridges I use to get myself a bit further into the downtown, and I count myself lucky to have three to choose from.
So, like the choice of putting on a favourite pair of boots, I'm able to pick what best suits my mood.
And only sometimes do the demands of schedule come into play.

Why not wander over this - the Heffernan Bridge - into our lovely historic core this weekend.
Now that it's December, embracing those early Christmas windows feels alright.
A little more snow, mixed in with a bit of delight here and there makes for a good feeling.

-Downtown Lynn

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