Monday, November 07, 2011

Blog Guelph: Hello!

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Welcome to a fresh new week everyone. May it come up roses for each and everyone of you.

Last year I had the pleasure of attending an 8 day silent meditation retreat at Loyola House/ Ignatius Center with instructors Molly Swan and Norman Feldman. It was a profound and moving week for moi and I'm delighted to report that the opportunity is being repeated - for November of 2012.

This silent retreat will sell out well in advance so if this type of experience is something you're seeking, do consider booking your place now.

Meditation is providing me with a way to become deeply aware of how my mind works - or doesn't work in any given situation. The constant stream of thoughts running like a ticker tape in my head can rule and ruin my day if I let them go unattended. But with a tich of attention on a daily basis, I seem to react less and respond more.

So last week when my fridge went on the fritz, I noticed my irritation without falling prey to it. When it was time for my annual neurologist appointment, I stayed conscious of my breathing and remained calm. And when news of a dear friends sudden passing reached me, my heart opened wide for her family and I felt the universal experience of death with genuine sadness.

Does it matter how we relate to each other in our day to day experience? I believe it does. If a butterfly can flap her wings in South America and effect the weather in Europe, surely my thoughts and actions have impact as they ripple out into the world.

Knowing yourself is a gift that you both give and receive. Imagine all the people......

Sue Richards

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