Wednesday, November 02, 2011

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What If by claygrl
What If, a photo by claygrl on Flickr.


I know that change can be a good thing. One door closes and another opens. Sometimes unexpected change can be unsettling. I am not talking about major world events, but the small things that we may take for granted. Often while walking down through the downtown core, I check to see if any new 'street art' has appeared since my last visit. The majority are badly done tags, but every now and then I feel compelled to stop and look and perhaps snap a photograph. I photographed the 'What If' last summer, a week before it was painted over. I miss that one.  But to my surprise, one of my favourites was altered! The face previously known as "Have You Ever Been In Love" has taken on an new accent and identity. This is the change I am talking about. I don't have any ownership over it, but I feel as though a downtown icon has been defaced.

I will use the alteration of my favourite downtown face as a reminder that art and creativity are fluid and constantly evolving. After all, Guelph is full of so much 'Cool Creativity' and that is a brilliant economy to be a part of.

Bunny Safari

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