Friday, October 28, 2011

Blog Guelph: Secret Places

The Secret., originally uploaded by SierraRosePhotography.

When I was wee - in whatever City in the world that I found myself in - I always managed to discover a secret place. There is something truly delicious about hiding away, about finding refuge, and stamping a place our very own.

Guelph's Festival of Moving Media (FOMM) gets a local kick at the mysterious can this Thursday night with Ed Video's screening of Hidden Histories: Secret Places. A commissioning project to create short documentaries about secret places in the 1Mile2 of Guelph. Here we have community collaboration at it's best: Ed Video, FOMM and Musagetes Foundation enabled these 9 video stories to be told.

Next week here at Blog Guelph, some of us will expand on the many stellar FOMM offerings. A lesser known FAB 5 Festival , FOMM .... "also serves as a catalyst towards increasing community understanding of the world and its diversity". Do check it out, November 3-6.

In the meantime, button up tight and come out between 7 and 10 pm tonight to see what hidden gems can be unearthed. It's Fourth Friday Downtown today! On the complete opposite spectrum of shushing and quietude, I will be toting a megaphone and iPhone in hopes that complete strangers will say something nice that I can spin into a song. A Collaborative Soundscape of sorts.

Find me if you can, I'll be the loud one.

But for right now I'm off to my own Downtown Hideout, one that I won't give it up lest my secrets are exposed.

Yours undercover until dark,

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