Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blog Guelph: The Juggler

The Juggler  by Karen Brodie
The Juggler , a photo by Karen Brodie on Flickr.

Good Windy Morning!

Looks like today will be one of those days when we will all have to practice our juggling skills. The wind may interrupt any tight rope walking ambitions I may have had today. Never mind, I will have my hands full holding my son's hand and balancing an umbrella on the way to school. I may resemble Mary Poppins or see Dorothy on the way.

How about I write all you loyal readers a note for your boss that you have my permission to stay at home in your jim-jams. You need visual stimulation from the rat race and local photographer Karen Brodie is your woman to get you ooing and awing today! Seriously, grab a cuppa, sit down and let your eyes wander through her stream on Flickr. You may need a passport as this gal is global! Click on the photos here and enjoy your journey.

Bunny Safari

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