Monday, October 03, 2011

Blog Guelph: Bee a Voter

Paper Wasp Portrait

Here's looking at you Monday!

I'm offering a wonderful mixed bag of brilliant images - starting with this incredible macro of a Paper Wasp by foto genius Ab Pho. You'll definitely want to click on this pic for a refreshing dip into an inspired photo stream.

So it's election week in Ontario boys and girls. If you don't know who's running in Guelph,  go here to find out who is vying for your vote.

Guelph women who don't vote! Listen up! Please remember that the women of Ontario could not legally vote until April 12, 1917 - and only then thanks to the long, hard battle of the Suffrage Movement. Let us not take that effort for granted.

If you're of the mindset that "all politicians are the same" try spoiling your ballot with a bold THIS SUCKS or PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION IS NEEDED scrawled across your ballot. It's yet another way of having your voice heard.

Or - get informed and get to the polls. People all over the world die for this right and privilege.

Sue steps down from her soap box now.

May these images inspire you to be joyful and in awe.

Sue Richards

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