Friday, July 29, 2011

Blog Guelph: Scratched Cornea

DSC_0647, originally uploaded by scratchedcornea.
I guess this is Good Bye! It has been fun!
Thanks Sue for the space to post the photos I like the most from Guelph. We have a grand amount of fine photographers. For Hillside I always think of this photo, and also Scratched Cornea. I knew she would have great shots of the event.

Thank you PAULA, for that wonderful shout out! Who knew we would be such great friends!? Paceline when I get back?

Have a great last half of summer!


PS: Blog Guelph will be back September 1.

Blog Guelph: Scratched Cornea

DSC_0402, originally uploaded by scratchedcornea.

Blog Guelph: Scratched Cornea

DSC_0356, originally uploaded by scratchedcornea.

Blog Guelph: Scratched Cornea

DSC_0479, originally uploaded by scratchedcornea.

Blog Guelph: Scratched Cornea

DSC_0565, originally uploaded by scratchedcornea.

Blog Guelph: Scratched Cornea

DSC_0575, originally uploaded by scratchedcornea.

Blog Guelph: Scratched Cornea

DSC_0662, originally uploaded by scratchedcornea.

Blog Guelph: Scratched Cornea

DSC_0669, originally uploaded by scratchedcornea.

Blog Guelph: Scratched Cornea

DSC_0670, originally uploaded by scratchedcornea.

Blog Guelph: Happy Squeezin'

Happy Squeezin', originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Blog Guelph: Cool Customer

Cool Customer, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Blog Guelph: Furry Fan

Furry Fan, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blog Guelph: Farewell BG!

Hello BG!
This will be my last post for Blog Guelph and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you readers for supporting the blog, to thank you local photogs for allowing me to blog your work, and to thank you Sue for giving me the opportunity to contribute to this community. Sue has asked that we blitz you with Hillside images and I have chosen to feature Pete Kelly today, partly because he has an amazing way of selflessly photographing music, moreso photographing the effect of experiencing music. I have also selected Pete's work because Pete was one of the first people I met when I entered the local photography scene, he has an easy and open relation with photography, his continued support of BG, and the founding work he did with the Guelph Photography Club, and later his efforts with the Guelph Photographer's Guild, have endeared me to both Pete and his work. I would also like to give a thank you nod to Donna 'Denim' Dobbin for all of her support and encouraging, and for a flickr-friendship that has grown into something I never would have guessed. I have enjoyed my time with Blog Guelph, and I hope that you have enjoyed the posts. I look forward to following the new bloggers with the relaunch September.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day,

Green Shoes/Green Gear

Blog Guelph: Golden Ring

Golden Ring

Blog Guelph: Cool Down

Cool Down

Blog Guelph: Sheer Joy

Sheer Joy

Blog Guelph: The Advantage

The Advantage

Blog Guelph: Jornick Joe Lick

Jornick Joe Lick

Blog Guelph: MemphisTorquilHandUp


Blog Guelph: Natalia in Blue

Natalia In Blue

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blog Guelph: Seun Kuti

Seun Kuti by spaceamoeba
Seun Kuti, a photo by spaceamoeba on Flickr.
Did you get to the mighty Hillside Festival this past weekend? If you missed it, I hope you may have experienced a slice of the big juicy pie through these images.

Veteran Hillsiders, such as myself will often ask one another what your "Hillside Moment" was. For some it is the Sunday morning gospel hour, for others it is just sitting and soaking in the people parade. My Hillside Moment can be summed up in this image. Seun Kuti & Egypt 80's performance had people shaking their tail feathers for his entire set. Forty minutes is not nearly long enough for a band that comes all the way from Nigeria. His shekere player mentioned to me that they normally start at midnight and finish just as the sun comes up. Now that is a dance party!

Thank you Hillside! I am still smiling from all the great memories!!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Bunny Safari

Blog Guelph: Hillside 03 A

Hillside 03 A  by John Q6
Hillside 03 A , a photo by John Q6 on Flickr.

Blog Guelph: Dangerous creatures...

Dangerous creatures... by spaceamoeba
Dangerous creatures..., a photo by spaceamoeba on Flickr.

Blog Guelph: Aaar! Monster!

Aaar!  Monster! by TheGiantVermin
Aaar! Monster!, a photo by TheGiantVermin on Flickr.

Blog Guelph:The Undisputed Hillside Dancing Queen

Blog Guelph: Mr Mister!

IMG_1040 by Flare
IMG_1040, a photo by Flare on Flickr.

Blog Guelph: The Gospel Hour

IMG_0952 by Flare
IMG_0952, a photo by Flare on Flickr.

Blog Guelph: Hillside Greeters

IMG_0562 by Flare
IMG_0562, a photo by Flare on Flickr.

Blog Guelph: Hearts and Love

IMG_1097 by Flare
IMG_1097, a photo by Flare on Flickr.

Blog Guelph: Starry Night

Starry Night by CBC Radio 3
Starry Night, a photo by CBC Radio 3 on Flickr.

Blog Guelph: Dishwashing Station

Dishwashing Station by CBC Radio 3
Dishwashing Station, a photo by CBC Radio 3 on Flickr.

Seun Kuti & Egypt 80

Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 by CBC Radio 3
Seun Kuti & Egypt 80, a photo by CBC Radio 3 on Flickr.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blog Guelph: Mother Mother

Mother Mother by CBC Radio 3
Mother Mother, a photo by CBC Radio 3 on Flickr.
Happy Tuesday BG!

I am sad to say, I have never been to the Hillside Music Festival. I have lived here in Guelph since 2002, and love music. Yet, for some reason unknown to me, I have never gone.

This years festival had an amazing line up, and there are some incredible pictures popping up online.

I'd also like to take a moment to thank both Paula and Donna for all their kind words, and constant inspiration. I will miss seeing your posts here.

I think that is about it. Enjoy August, and I will see you all back here in September.


Blog Guelph: The Sheepdogs - Hillside Festival 2011

Blog Guelph: Lights - Hillside 2011

Lights - Hillside 2011 by ProdigyBoy
Lights - Hillside 2011, a photo by ProdigyBoy on Flickr.

Blog Guelph: The Dears - Hillside Festival 2011

Blog Guelph: Hillside 2011 – Chris Velan

Monday, July 25, 2011

Blog Guelph: Hillside Music Festival - Guelph, Ontario

Hiddy Hoe Hungover Hillside Heads!

Welcome to the other side of summer.

So - we the fine bloggers at Blog Guelph central intend to ply you with Hillside Festival photos for the entire week. Then we're leaving Dodge for the whole month of August to rest our weary bloggy bones.

Sadly when we return September 1, Donna and Paula will have officially retired from BG - but I suspect we'll still be seeing their beautiful images on a regular basis. And we might just have a new photo curator or two to fill their mighty shoes.

Ah yes - life - always changing.

Enjoy the images of the day.

Sue Richards

Blog Guelph: Someone kinda loves The Monkey Bunch

Blog Guelph: This guy hated them, at first. Now look.

Blog Guelph: Mapleton Ice Cream

Blog Guelph: Ticket to Rock!

Thanks @claymore221 :), originally uploaded by kayehm.

Blog Guelph: Molly Guldemond

Molly Guldemond, originally uploaded by spaceamoeba.

Blog Guelph: Scene from the main stage #Hillside #kiddieparade

Blog Guelph: If you give a 7 year old a polaroid camera...Fred Penner

Blog Guelph: Right about now...the main attraction! #Hillside

Blog Guelph: Dancers at Hillside Festival

Blog Guelph: Tent People

IMG_7658.JPG, originally uploaded by personality_dialysis.

Blog Guelph: Hillside Grub

Blog Guelph: Good hillside shirt

Good hillside shirt, originally uploaded by cool-baby.

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On the other hand, you may be curious about what the City of Guelph looked like last October or maybe Spring.

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