Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blog Guelph: Jay Morrison

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Well, it looks like Thursday will be my day for posting, and I thought I'd roll out a mashup of commentary and Made in Guelph. I've been thinking a lot about photography these days, about process, vision, influences, and goals. I am sometimes disappointed by how easy it is in the photo-circles for people to default to the safety of self and equipment rather than having the confidence and humility to keep the focus on the images. I have been following the Shutter Sisters blog lately and I really identified with the post on the value of looking back through your stream to figure out what you are drawn to shoot. I gave a talk at a local photography club last year on critiquing images, mostly critiquing your own work, where I stressed this point and today's photographer is an excellent example of this. I have featured four images from Jay Morrison, a local photographer that I met recently at a cafe in Hespeler. I've featured his work before, but not in this format. Jay has an amazing fluidity and ease shooting buildings and they are his most frequent subject in his flickr stream. He has an enviable and inspiring way of presenting these buildings in a manner that they are engaged with, but not isolated from, their surroundings, a sort of whole image approach. There is a consistency to his images that lend to cohesion but such a variety that demonstrates he knows what and why he photographs. If you aren't familiar with Jay and his images, I would highly recommend you take a long around his flickr stream.

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Donna said...

I left a comment yesterday, and I forget what I said!

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