Friday, April 01, 2011

Blog Guelph: One Hundred Feet from Where I Live

Pretty morning all, and HAPPY APRIL.
Phewf - we are over the hump. Yes?
I'm back for the moment and reorienting myself with Blog Guelph, so if you notice any upload flaws, please ignore.
A few years ago - when I was a much more fervent Flickr woman - I created a group called one hundred feet from where i live (give or take), with the notion that interestingness can be found right in front of your nose. Here's the thing: don't start a group and then abandon it. Like a new bud, it takes a little coaxing to come to light. Many of these shots have been added quite some time ago, but today, old is new.
I'm a little less rah rah downtownlynn today, so you'll have to excuse my muted self. I am however, pleased to return to these pages to witness all that you do.
Much sunshine to each of you,

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