Monday, April 04, 2011

Blog Guelph: What up?

What up?, originally uploaded by P.Freeman.

Good Morning!
Last night when the snow started to come down and the light was dim, I so wanted to grab the camera and head out. Alas, the comfort of my couch, and my blanket of two cats, made it impossible.

Sue, asked me to post for her today. Keep her in your thoughts, and hope she's feeling better soon.

This one is for you Sue - a wee video of a wee girl, who I think is going to rule the world with her talent when she's old enough. I love everything about this video. I love the oven mitt on the table, and the play doh off to the left. It's a family's kitchen table, with it's life, capturing a moment. Highly inspiring.

Have a great day, Guelphites and world readers! I'll be back tomorrow!


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