Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Blog Guelph: Downtown

, originally uploaded by Jay Morrison.

Well Hello!

Today I thought I would do a mini feature on photos downtown by Jay Morrison. There are more in his photo stream. When you're done here, click through and have a look. I really like the consistent way Jay presents his shots. Check out these two. The one Sue has posted on Blog Guelph, and the other, have a look tomorrow. The pairing is fantastic.

Today seems to be the peak of this cold and I'm feeling pretty crumby. I'm crawling back into bed with this series or maybe some episodes of Raising Hope that I've already seen but love to death!

Have a great day, and looking out my window, I see more snow coming down. It's ok. We're nearing the end. :)



Anonymous said...

DONNA! I hope you are feeling better. I love Jay Morrison's downtown series, he sure has a great feel for it! Raising Hope, love it. I watched the whole season twice, and I love more each time. First watch for immediate laughs, second watch for impact, but that's my peroxitive.

Downtown Lynn said...

Yes! and hi to posting today on downtown guelph facebook page.
cheers to all of you. lox

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