Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blog Guelph: Signs of spring

Signs of spring 2, originally uploaded by rubberschmuckie.

Signs of Spring! I think that will be my motto today!
Of course it's too early, but my eyes were playing tricks on me yesterday when I saw dandelion leaves and thought I saw a yellow flower. I am a little conflicted though. I've really enjoyed winter and I still haven't snowshoed with Paula, and there ought to be another game or two of hockey with my friend's kids. But Spring, is such a great season. It's fresh and new, and hopeful.
So, I think I'll take the title of this first photo and run with it today!
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Van Waffle said...

Hi Donna, I decided the CBC radio host who called yesterday a beautiful spring day was getting a little carried away. I preferred to think of it as a beautiful late winter day. The milder weather, increasing daylight and the way it seems to affect the waterfowl and even the trees is a pleasure simply for what it is. I enjoyed the solemnity of the photos you chose today. Thanks for using some of mine!

I am working on a new blog, Speed River Journal, which will be more active and outward focused than my Eramosa River Journal. Although the emphasis will be on writing, photography will be regularly included. The main emphasis will be nature writing in an urban setting.

Donna said...

Van, it is my pleasure to post your photos!
Is your new blog public?
Is there another chapbook in the works?
A photography book with your writings? It will be a special day when this happens!

Van Waffle said...

I'm hosting Speed River Journal on my own website and it will be public, however it's heavily under construction (I'm figuring out WordPress and so on). I'll let you know as soon as it's presentable, maybe by the end of the weekend.

As for the other ideas, I don't have anything in the works. You must have noticed I didn't do as much photography in 2009/2010. It happened partly because of distractions. Recently I made myuself start walking regularly again, but I seldom take a camera with me. I am aware that how I engage with my surroundings as a photographer conflicts with how I need to engage as a writer. Barry Lopez has also written about this problem. He set down his cameras 30 years ago and has never picked them up again. I doubt I will go to that extent, but I still haven't figured out my own solution. And the idea of a photography book has been on my mind all day, so I don't know what that means.

Donna said...

OH, Photography book!

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