Monday, November 22, 2010

St. Paul and St. Michael Choir

Carolers - Downtown tree lighting extravaganza

I know, I know!
Enough with the Christmas overload already. It's too early. It's even raining!
But in my defense, this is a lovely shot from the event I was forced to - er- lovingly produced Friday night.
It really was quite sweet - the kiddies singing, musicians bravely strumming with frigid fingers, the wonky tree lighting up without fail, a general sense of glee and brewing consumerism in the air.

I'm also a pinhead.
Not in that traditional, dimwitted sense, mind you.
I literally have a wee skull and therefore have the biological need to remove certain items before filling it with the next bits. Thus the Christmas pic.
And the need to discuss that Santa was here Friday night AND yesterday in his very own parade. He brought the cold with him too. And then took it away, reminding us how fickle November can be.

But let's move on shall we? It's been so long since I've been on this page that I had to enlist Donna's help with the doings.
Thanks Donna.
I sing your praises.
So do the following others...

3 cheers!
Downtown Lynn

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Donna said...


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