Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Blog Guelph: Getting Closer To The Prize

Getting Closer To The Prize

Exploration. Photography, to me, is really about exploring. My own photography, which has been profoundly influenced by my time in Guelph, has evolved into a discourse on my own interactions with my surroundings; to what do I respond?, how am I responding, and most importantly, what motivates my response. I have presented a few images on this theme, where the photographers have really explored different means to represent their own response to a particular scene. Often people assume there is a significant risk in departing from the traditional means of carrying out an action, but in photography there is a particular thrill associated with embracing the alternative. Whether it is focus, film type, camera model, wavelength, or iPhone App, delving beyond a 2D rendering of reality can have amazing consequences. Thank you to all the Guelph photogs with the courage to do something different. I have certainly enjoyed your results!


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