Monday, October 18, 2010

Blog Guelph: stellar ~ vote

stellar ~ vote, originally uploaded by Denim.

We have one week until our municipal election - October 25th to be exact.

I have my preferred candidates figured out but perhaps you have not. Should that be the case, here's a refreshing Mercury opinion piece that might help you weed through the 'contradictory' statements that fall from the mouths of poli-wannabes like leaves from trees. For the extra ambitious among you, here's a whole slew of candidate news items to pick through. Of course Vote Guelph is ripe with election info too.

So please - get yourself up to speed and out to vote. It really does matter who runs our city.

Today I'm serving up a full menu of Guelph graffiti - both long gone and daisy fresh - for your bloggy dining please. Chew slowly and click any and all photos for the full meal deal.

Yum yum pigs bum.

Sue Richards

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