Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Guelph: Liquid Eve

Liquid Eve, originally uploaded by Memotions.

We've got Art coming out our ying yang this weekend in Guelph. The Fall Arts Festival will be trotting out their wonderful wears - plus - the grand daddy of our creative core The 25th Annual Studio Tour  has a bevy of fine, Fine artists flinging open their studio doors. All the action is focused on the downtown and surrounding area so if you're from another end or side of town, do make the journey. Yes there is construction. But with will there is a way.

As you can see by my photo selection today, Mom Nature is still kicking some serious primary colour butt, which seems very apropos given the arty scene in town. Should you feel inspired by this visual feast, you may want to pack a camera - but first - visit the Guelph Photographers Guild website and blog. Look. See. You too can make art with the click of a button.

May your inner artist be stirred by the beauty around you. Come out, come out wherever you are!

Sue Richards

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