Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Blog Guelph: Glitchy Gloopy Glimy Glop

Fall Muck and Wet

Fall is my favourite season for photographing, and also an incredibly dynamic time for Guelph. I love the feel of soppy leaves under my feet, of feeling the quiet settle in for the winter, and for the sense of putting away the clings to much of this season. It is really easy to place yourself into these photographs here, to feel the wet of the leaves on your pants as you walk through the trees, or the squish of the mud while in your rubber boots. And sure, it might be rainy, and wet, and seemingly gloomy, but it makes those colours so much more vibrant.
Hope you are all able to find some enjoyment in these types of days, even if it is through a window!


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Sue Richards said...

Love the boots!

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