Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blog Guelph: All In A Row


There has been an explosion of mushroom photographs on the Guelph streams, which likely speaks to an abundance of mushrooms within Guelph. I never really gave mushrooms much attention, but in these images you can sure feel the enchanted world that they seem to inspire. The very talented photographers of Guelph have done an amazing job creating dynamic visualize stories with these 'shrooms. These pictures make me wonder all manner of things that don't make sense, what mystery exists in these small worlds, and what players dance around the stems?

Hope you are all able to find a little magic in the less illuminated areas of your living,

All In A Row


Donna said...

I love all the mushrooms. I didn't tell you about the little book I bought on mushrooms of Newfoundland.

Oh, and you have big pictures now on Blog Guelph! Did you figure out why they were small before?

Anonymous said...

Sue came out with an alternative approach. I am pretty sure she is morphing into a tech wizard! I can't wait to see this mushroom book!

Sue Richards said...

You're funny Paula! I'm going to open tech support for biddies!

It's so nice to have your photos BIG!

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