Thursday, September 02, 2010

Blog Guelph: Sun

Sun, originally uploaded by ICT_photo.

Greetings campers - welcome to September and another round of Blog Guelph's photo essay of loverly Guelph!

Please surf your way through the drunken bakers dozen of Sun Flower pics - each with it's own artistic flair and uniqueness and be inspired by all that you see. As Fall falls around us, we're hoping that our tribe of talent will be out clickin' the daylights out of their cameras so that we can show you just how pretty things get around here.

Should you want to have your pics featured on Blog Guelph - and really, why wouldn't you - go here for the how to page. If you want to share our url with former or future Guelphites, we'd be much obliged.

For now - have a gander, leave comments and by all means have a good day. Click the photos for deeper penetration into each photo artists stream.

Be well.

Sue Richards

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