Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blog Guelph: Have You Ever Been In Love?

Have You Ever Been In Love?, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Good Morning!
I'm having an almond milk latte and mumbling about forgetting to start the bread dough last night. I might have told you about this bread, and I'm pretty sure I did, but I thought I would make some up to go along with this recipe for tomato confit. I have cherry tomatoes all over the place. For me it was the hardest working tomato plants in the garden. If you can find the little white currant seeds for next year, I'd snatch them up. They are thin skinned and delicious, and a wonderful contrast to the thicker galina yellows that I love.
So there you go. I'll let you know next week how great the bread will be with this tomato recipe!

Don't forget to click on the photos! Each of the shots were taken during a festival Guelph hosted, and if you go through to the streams you'll find out just which ones.

I hope your day is swell, and I'll be here again tomorrow!


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Sue Richards said...


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