Friday, September 10, 2010

Blog Guelph: Chris Iwanowski - Nuit Blanche

santa anna and me, originally uploaded by vw-busman.

Greetings gang. Happy Friday to you.

The cultural creatives of Guelph have cooked up a stellar weekend for you to simmer your way through. The 16th annual Jazz Festival is in full swing and this year they've added a new twist - Nuit Blanche. You'll likely want to check out the Wyndham Street Jazz Tent on Saturday - a free venue loaded with talent and suitable for all ages.

For the night hawk among you, do consider attending our very first Nuit Blanche - featuring a cornucopia of brilliant artist expression - starting at dusk on Saturday and going until dawn in a variety of venues throughout the city.


Choreographed and Danced by Robert Kingsbury
improvised vocal score by Sue Smith

Royal City Park
Gazebo (just off of Gordon Ave.)
at dusk and 12:30 am

featuring Tannis Slimmon, Sue Smith and Shannon Kingsbury
St. George's Anglican Church Sanctuary
2:30 am
99 Woolwich St.

Memories from my Mind's Eye by former BG blogger and friend Chris Iwanowski.

Memories from my Mind's Eye consists of 1071 interesting, quirky, and stunning photos taken by Chris (1970-2009). Each image will get 38 seconds in the spotlight and be projected from Buddy, his 1978 Volkswagen bus as it sits in the SunSun parking lot. A moment in time. Combined they tell an interesting story. Some will take your breath away.

Bring your hanky. And a chair.

Sunset 7:39pm to Sunrise 6:57am. Macdonell St. (Sun Sun's) parking lot.

Keep scrolling down for a taste of Chris's wonderful work.

Be well.

Sue Richards

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