Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blog Guelph: Hillside Fesival - Hillside Saturday

Hillside Saturday, originally uploaded by ARebbs.

The Hillside hangover is fading - the mud has dried, ears have stopped ringing (Hillside needs a noise pollution policy!) and sleep levels have been somewhat restored. The 27th Hillside marathon is but a sweet , sweet memory. Only 362 sleeps .....

T'was much merriment to be had between Friday at 5 and Sunday at 11pm at Guelph Lake Island plus a full compliment of weather including some stellar sky action which you can see if you scroll on down through today's posts.

I'm told that the water waiters served up 18,000 liters of aqua over the weekend - thus saving 36,000 plastic water bottles from ending up littering the site. Three loud cheers for Wellington Water Watchers and Hillside for providing this enlightened service.

Now then - start scrolling will yah.

Sue Richards

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