Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blog Guelph: On Books

Made in Guelph - Firda / Firda Beka

On Books Originally uploaded by firda

I am beyond thrilled today to feature the work of Firda Beka whose work stays with you long after you have viewed it. I have long admired so much of Firda's work. Her photographs are not about the camera, or the film, or the developing, but about an amazing, sensitive, and personally relevant response to the world around her. I feel she thinks not of her viewers when she shoots, processes, and posts, but only to the authentic representation of her recorded experience. It is not her technical fluidity that engages me with her work, but how she effortlessly uses her skills and tools to craft some beautifully emotive images. Her use of natural lighting to convey mood is masterful, folding the feel of late afternoon sun into emotions her images inspire and memories they evoke. There is a respect and sense of integrity that inheres her work, perhaps owing to the organic nature of shooting in her own way for her own reasons. Firda's work inspires you to know, in your own way, about your own things. If you have yet to follow Firda's work, I would suggest you do it soon, and a rainy and gray day is perfect for the pondering it will begin.

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