Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blog Guelph: Old shingles

Made in Guelph - Rob Bowman

Old shingles Originally uploaded by Rob Bowman

We are excited to feature Rob Bowman's photography today for BlogGuelph. Rob is a prolific photographer of many subjects, notably abandoned spaces and derelict houses. He has photographed his children extensively, capturing the untethered laughter and excitement of experienced Fun, but I thought it best to mention this separate from his abandonment work! The images showcased here are all selected from his Guelph set, and more specifically, feature his stunning work with walls. Rob has an amazing talent to transform boring and seemingly sedate scenes into incredibly dynamic pieces of art. He effortlessly folds multiple dimensions into these flat surfaces. What I find most impressive is that he does this with such dull lighting which rarely produces a depth-defining shadow.  I find I often look at Rob's images for a long time, perhaps held there by the disconnect between the perception and reality of the subject. How many walls to do you pass in a day without a thought paid to them? Here, the interaction of shape and texture on top of strong composition results in such compelling statements that it is hard not be moved and inspired by them.  He also does an amazing job of cropping his images such that there is no visual escape from his subjects.  Rob's work has made me engage with the mundane more than I used to. You have a beautiful way of capturing the oft ignored spaces, and thank you, Rob, for sharing these.

I hope you have all enjoyed the sunshine!


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