Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blog Guelph: Bend

Made in Guelph - kellyhughes1970 / Kelly Hughes

Bend Originally uploaded by kellyhughes1970

Today we are showcasing Kelly's photography. There are two immediate observations I had upon viewing Kelly's work, the first is that she is an amazing photographer of "things", and the second is that this post really should be written in French to do her work justice. She has a way of presenting her subject as both the object and the narrative. By folding in warmth, through tone and soft lightening, she communicates a sense of history and previous use. I wonder what the twine has been used for and where and how the remainder will be used. The phone, I wonder about its place in the corner and about the conversations that have happened through it. I find myself thinking about the labour that went in to getting those roses to bloom, at the smell in the garden the day she took that picture, and at the times she must have sat among them. Kelly's images speak to a respect and admiration for that which surrounds her. She seems incredibly connected to her place, her purpose, and her passion, and this really comes through in her images. There are some amazing images throughout her stream, collected during numerous summer road trips. I would highly recommend a bit of time, a cup of tea, and a quiet stroll through her stream. A note, avoid the food images if you are hungry! Thanks for sharing your passion and your photographs, Kelly.

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