Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blog Guelph: Sun Columns

Made in Guelph - peterkelly/ Pete Kelly

Sun Columns Originally uploaded by peterkelly

We are pleased to feature the work of renowned photographer Pete Kelly. Here, his black and white architecture work from Guelph has been selected for this showcase. Pete has an incredibly diverse stream, with the emphasis on both incredibly and diverse. He shoots so many disparate subjects so very well - colour, flowers, people, penguins, muscians, oh the music!, nature, processes, buildings, the organic, the abiotic - all of which he masterfully translates into beautifully rich and emotive images. He has a particularly gift when it comes to photographing music which is representing as something more than just an image of what the musician looked like while in the process of making music. There is a great felt respect in his work, that becomes especially evident when he photographs people. Pete is especially savvy working in BW which he uses to reduce his scenes to the emotional impact of the elements found within and working together. I find his architectural work really communicates a feeling that more was at play than function when the building was designed. He has a great eye for patterns and shape in his images and makes fantastic use of contrast and tonal range. Pete is an incredibly accomplished photographer with a number of shows and publications to his credit, and I would highly recommend attending a Pete Kelly exhibit if only to experience his images beyond your computer. Pete, thank you for sharing your vision of Guelph and beyond.

Hope you are all able to enjoy the sun and the tangy twist to that nippish wind,


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