Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blog Guelph: Is He Crazy?

Is He Crazy?, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Today I was going to put up only magnolia shots here on Blog Guelph, after seeing Krista's shot, but then I came across all these other fantastic photos.
Magnolias are my favourite flowers. That is, until the my tulips emerge, and after that, peonies are my favourite flower ever. It goes on and on, but the magnolia tree starts the avalanche, and when I see the tree up the street bloom, you can't stop me from visiting it daily. I have no qualms about walking away from it, and then turning around and walking right back. I think this year is the year I drop a precious polaroid in the owner's mailbox.

Have a great day everyone. Guelph is looking mighty fine right now. I hope you're able to enjoy the sunshine, and brace the chill in the air.


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