Friday, April 30, 2010

Blog Guelph: Guelph Lake at Sunrise

Guelph Lake at Sunrise, originally uploaded by pannachagalla.

Welcome to Friday - and our mystical photo GEM of the day. I was still dreaming of sugarplums while Renata was out in the misty morn snapping stunning shots like this one. Wanna see more? Click on the image and dive into her photo stream.

It is one dry spring out there folks, so you may be interested in picking up a rain barrel from GIRC this weekend. This year they come in three fetching colors. Only 60 bucks while supply lasts.

Keeping on the water theme, I came across The Story of Bottled Water on YouTube this week. If you're still buying bottled water, this mini-flick is for you.

Looks like a rainy weekend ahead. Sit back and watch the world grow green.

Sue Richards

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blog Guelph: flower

flower3, originally uploaded by ordinary asian.

Look at that, another sunny day and it's going to be a high of 17. I'll take that!
I think later, I'll load my bike with cameras and look for red. Check out the photos and you just might feel the need to capture some red.

Have a great day everyone! I'll leave you with music by Jonsi that you can stream. I'm finding him incredibly inspiring and great to run by the river with.


Blog Guelph: No Trick About It!

No Trick About It!, originally uploaded by CAFREL.

Blog Guelph: Meeting Place, U of G, Guelph, ON

Blog Guelph: Carnival, Zellers Parking Lot, Guelph, ON

Blog Guelph: My Purple Sandcherry is blooming...

Blog Guelph: Tulip Cast

Tulip Cast, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blog Guelph: Is He Crazy?

Is He Crazy?, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Today I was going to put up only magnolia shots here on Blog Guelph, after seeing Krista's shot, but then I came across all these other fantastic photos.
Magnolias are my favourite flowers. That is, until the my tulips emerge, and after that, peonies are my favourite flower ever. It goes on and on, but the magnolia tree starts the avalanche, and when I see the tree up the street bloom, you can't stop me from visiting it daily. I have no qualms about walking away from it, and then turning around and walking right back. I think this year is the year I drop a precious polaroid in the owner's mailbox.

Have a great day everyone. Guelph is looking mighty fine right now. I hope you're able to enjoy the sunshine, and brace the chill in the air.


Blog Guelph: haha

haha, originally uploaded by xunicorn.

Blog Guelph: duck butt

duck butt, originally uploaded by Jillshuggah.

Blog Guelph: Guelph Rowing Club

Guelph Rowing Club, originally uploaded by Seeking~Zen.

Blog Guelph: Magnolia

Magnolia, originally uploaded by Krista Kruger.

Blog Guelph: Still Life

Still Life, originally uploaded by claygrl.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blog Guelph: Sun Columns

Made in Guelph - peterkelly/ Pete Kelly

Sun Columns Originally uploaded by peterkelly

We are pleased to feature the work of renowned photographer Pete Kelly. Here, his black and white architecture work from Guelph has been selected for this showcase. Pete has an incredibly diverse stream, with the emphasis on both incredibly and diverse. He shoots so many disparate subjects so very well - colour, flowers, people, penguins, muscians, oh the music!, nature, processes, buildings, the organic, the abiotic - all of which he masterfully translates into beautifully rich and emotive images. He has a particularly gift when it comes to photographing music which is representing as something more than just an image of what the musician looked like while in the process of making music. There is a great felt respect in his work, that becomes especially evident when he photographs people. Pete is especially savvy working in BW which he uses to reduce his scenes to the emotional impact of the elements found within and working together. I find his architectural work really communicates a feeling that more was at play than function when the building was designed. He has a great eye for patterns and shape in his images and makes fantastic use of contrast and tonal range. Pete is an incredibly accomplished photographer with a number of shows and publications to his credit, and I would highly recommend attending a Pete Kelly exhibit if only to experience his images beyond your computer. Pete, thank you for sharing your vision of Guelph and beyond.

Hope you are all able to enjoy the sun and the tangy twist to that nippish wind,


Blog Guelph: Ghost of Christmas Past

Ghost of Christmas Past Originally uploaded by peterkelly

Blog Guelph: Guelph Limestone

Guelph Limestone Originally uploaded by peterkelly

Blog Guelph: The Bandshell

The Bandshell Originally uploaded by peterkelly

Blog Guelph: Sanctuary

Sanctuary Originally uploaded by peterkelly

Blog Guelph: City Of Stone

City Of Stone Originally uploaded by peterkelly

Blog Guelph: Enter Through The Side Door

Blog Guelph: Big Pipe #1

Big Pipe #1 Originally uploaded by peterkelly

Blog Guelph: Pillars

Pillars Originally uploaded by peterkelly

Blog Guelph: Conduit

Conduit Originally uploaded by peterkelly

Blog Guelph: Acker's Furniture

Acker's Furniture Originally uploaded by peterkelly

Monday, April 26, 2010

Blog Guelph: rainy days and mondays always get me down

Good Morning!
Boy, I've tried writing this post a whole bunch of times this morning. At one point I thought I'll finish the writing part at the vet's. A sick Bunny does not make a morning run smoothly. Rest assured, he's back to his hoppy happy self, and begging for treats, and no vet was called. Sigh.
This means I get to enjoy the rest of the morning and head for the streets of Guelph. The sun is shining, and my camera is loaded.

Take care everyone!
Don't forget to click on the photos, and tell us what you think of these great shots!


Blog Guelph: The long laneway

The long laneway, originally uploaded by thomevered.

Blog Guelph: trillium erectum

trillium erectum, originally uploaded by ordinary asian.

Blog Guelph: cherry blossom

cherry blossom, originally uploaded by 小徐同学.

Blog Guelph: So Many Flowers, So Little Time

Blog Guelph: this house is sad.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Blog Guelph: nice day for a walk

nice day for a walk, originally uploaded by > dezsö <.

If there was a contest for " best use of green" by a city, Guelph would surely win hands down. This beautiful Gem of the Day by Dezso captures the miracle of Mother Earth's spring fashion show. But here's the thing. A picture is worth a 1000 words, but reality is where it's at - literally. So do go outside, wander the river trails, parks, old city neighborhoods, and get down and dirty with nature.

Here's a fun idea for your weekend pleasure. The Funky Mama's are doing a morning and afternoon gig at the Guelph Nature Center this Saturday.

Celebrate the earth.

Sue Richards

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blog Guelph: Star Magnolia bud at the Arboretum

Star Magnolia bud at the Arboretum, originally uploaded by M Pod.

The Arboretum is certainly a great place to be right now. Blooms and bees are everywhere. I'm sitting here typing and wish I were there sitting in the grass maybe taking a photo or two, but mostly looking.
It's kind of what I did yesterday, except I was standing. High Park had too many people . I think I would have had to be there at dawn to take photos of the cherry trees without the peeps.
It was fun though and a highlight was listening to the peacocks squawking up a storm!

I hope you have a great day, and that you're able to spend some time outside.
Check out the photo posted!


Blog Guelph: In bloom at the Arboretum

In bloom at the Arboretum, originally uploaded by M Pod.

Blog Guelph: Lonely or Not Lonely Tree?

Lonely or Not Lonely Tree?, originally uploaded by pannachagalla.

Blog Guelph: Oh what a tangled web!

Oh what a tangled web!, originally uploaded by CAFREL.

Blog Guelph: Blue Cohosh

Blue Cohosh, originally uploaded by thomevered.

Blog Guelph: Illuminate

Illuminate, originally uploaded by Krista Kruger.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blog Guelph: Here Comes The Rain

Here Comes The Rain, originally uploaded by PhotoFinish001.

Sue sent me a link the other day for the Forest Talks, Speakers Series. I'm going to copy and paste a big chunk from the email.


"Old Growth Ontario?
Presented by Michael Henry, Naturalist and Writer
Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 @ 7:30pm
Arboretum Centre, University of Guelph
Learn about the history of Ontario’s forests, how and where old growth
forests survive, and how to recognize them, from the author of the newly
released book, Ontario’s Old-Growth Forests. Book will be available for signing"

Bonus!!! There's an iPod touch to be won. Check out all the details here.

I hope you have a fantastic day. I am off to the big city to take photos of cherry trees!

Don't forget to click on the photos and check out the photo streams of the photographers posted here today!


Blog Guelph: flower

, originally uploaded by NaturesEssence.

Blog Guelph: Retired

Retired, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Blog Guelph: Monday

Monday, originally uploaded by ►chris◄.

Blog Guelph: old wooden fence

old wooden fence, originally uploaded by thomevered.

Blog Guelph: Still Standing

Still Standing, originally uploaded by PhotoFinish001.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blog Guelph: Luca Meats

Made in Guelph - Seeking~Zen / Scott

Luca Meats Originally uploaded by Seeking~Zen

We are pleased to feature some of Scott's work today on BlogGuelph. Scott has an amazing collection of images shot in abandoned spaces. He doesn't simply photograph or record the state these structures are in, instead he captures a sense of the emptiness. In some abandonment images you get a feel of the life that was lived in them before, and in others you get interesting images of interesting objects. But in Scott's you get this profound sense of the spaces that have been emptied, discarded, and moved on from. His couches, for example, I do not really appreciate them from the perspective of someone seated upon them, but rather as a person having walked away from them, for the last time. Perhaps in these sets of images he weaves in a narrative of respectful and tender finality of his subjects. Maybe too, his work stands as a quiet and unassuming testament to that which we lose in the upsweep of development. He makes exceptional use of the lighting available to him and when it is not favourable he uses layers and other techniques to craft some very emotive images. These textured layers he places over his images really enhance the felt aspect of the age of his subjects. Scott has an excellent eye for framing his subjects and a particular affinity for reds and oranges. I would recommend a trip through his stream during a quiet moment in your day. Thanks Scott!

Hope you are all able to enjoy the sun today,


Blog Guelph: The "Odd Couple"

The "Odd Couple" Originally uploaded by Seeking~Zen

Blog Guelph: Return to sender - Nobody lives here anymore

Blog Guelph: Real slate

Real slate Originally uploaded by Seeking~Zen

Blog Guelph: Luca Meats - backdoor

Luca Meats - backdoor Originally uploaded by Seeking~Zen

Blog Guelph: The big comfy

The big comfy Originally uploaded by Seeking~Zen

Blog Guelph: Luca Meats - Groovy couch & chair

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