Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blog Guelph: Dairy Bush

Made in Guelph - Kirk White

Dairy Bush Originally uploaded by kirk white

Kirk has a passion for colour, for nature, and for water, and lucky for us, photography is a great way to communicate these loves. One thing that is immediately felt upon seeing his work is the strength and presence of colour. He uses colour to define shape, to fill space, and to concentrate emotion, which is further enhanced by his use of sharpness within his images. His photographs are filled with subjects that seem to vibrate with colour adding to a captivating tension between the elements. There is both a richness and a contextual relevance to his colours that feels like he has removed a haze we all carry through our day to day. Kirk has an amazing collection of water-related images, many of which involve the presentation of motion against an immobile backdrop. You can tell from the feel of his work that he has a great respect and understanding for water and the way it moves through the world. His flowing water images are underpinned by a solid narrative provided through the inclusion of surrounding structures. While many photographers are able to communicate a sense of season or space, Kirk does a fantastic job presenting the feel and light unique to different parts of the day. His work is incredibly unified, with solid and settled images that grab your eye and your heart, and I would highly recommend a trip through his stream. The colours, like the water, are a real rush.

I am hoping for a few more Peacoat days, but likely not this weekend!  At least it will be a little warmer on the bike.

Paula Russell

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