Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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Made in Guelph - Fossil Light / Doug
IMG_0626gpg Originally uploaded by Fossil Light

We are very pleased to feature the work of Fossil Light/Doug, a local photographer currently amassing a particularly amazing set of abstract images. His often abbreviated subjects are presented in such a unique and engaging way. It is clear that he takes the time to consider and feel his subjects ahead of his compositions. You can really feel the respect he has for nature and landscape in the gentle ease and flow he includes in his images. There is a quiet confidence that underpins his work, such that he needs neither dominate nor control his subjects, instead giving space within his frames for the elements to be and to breath. His use of blur speaks to a great understanding of how an experience of landscape is perhaps not best translated to an image as a simple 2D rendering of the physical reality. The abstract nature of many of his images is an interesting means of constructing a greater story from his location shoots. I was really moved by his record of the auto junkyard as told through these abstracted works. I would highly recommend a stroll through his stream, you will not be disappointed. Thank you, Doug, for the inspiring photographs, and for a reminder that what we see is not necessarily how we experience.

Hope you are all enjoy the resurgence of winter!

Paula Russell

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