Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blog Guelph: going home

Made in Guelph - BleechBiPass / Clinton Tonge

going home Originally uploaded by BleechBiPass

We are pleased to feature, if a day late, the black and white night photography of Clinton Tonge. There are many faces and feels to Guelph and Clinton has done an amazing job capturing that unique-electricity that still floats through the streets after the sun goes down. Clinton balances his exposures so well such that the blacks really feel like night has filled the silent spaces while the whites illuminate an intimate world.    These isolated worlds defined by the light make me wonder about that which we see, and moreso function as an exploration of the consequence of choices, worlds experienced and realities unexplored.  In his images, I find that you can hear his scenes, footfalls on the concrete sidewalk, car tires on a wet road, and the hum of the night that is otherwise silenced by the din of the day. Clinton's composition is exceptional which translates to a really strong sense of interaction and interplay between the elements within his images. Perhaps it this that allows for an easy and effortless transition from viewing to participating for those who take the time to really experience his photographs. Night photography is an incredibly difficult discipline and Clinton does this extremely well. This is but a very small subset of his work, and I would highly recommend you taking the time to look through his stream.

Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend, even it is does throw the timing off!

Paula Russell

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