Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blog Guelph: Conspiracy Theory

Made in Guelph - Robert m Williams

Conspiracy Theory Originally uploaded by Robert m Williams

We are pleased to feature the work of Robert m Williams whose work is both captivating and engaging. Perhaps the most stunning feature of Robert's work is his striking and profound use of black. He handles the nearly palpable consistency and thickness to the darkness with a confidence that imparts to it an omnipresent and essential feel, and not one that seems either manufactured or contrived. While his work is visually dark, it isn't necessarily emotionally heavy. Instead, the darkness really works to support the elements within his image, becoming strangely inviting rather than overtly oppressive. There is a real sense that he has captured the ether that filters and collects into the emptiness. His work has a real Spirit Photography feel to it, as though he has photographed the backdrops for that which once did, or may still, float through the space. There is a really unique interaction between his subjects, one that I can't quite explain but I certainly encourage you to consider it as you look at his images. I would highly recommend looking through his Chalmers Church and I Stand Alone series as they weave a dynamic visual narrative that will stay with you for some time. There is a dance between the eerie and the inviting in his work that plays out nicely for the viewer. Thank you Robert!

Hope you are all enjoying the return of winter! It is certainly a good day to be indoors and looking at photographs.


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