Friday, October 30, 2009

Blog Guelph: Speed River Beauty

1009 11, originally uploaded by > dezsö <.

Well boo to you and welcome to One Shot Friday - featuring lens master Dezso and the lovely Speed River. Check out his foto stream by clicking the pic.


Confused and worried about H1N1? Check out the World Association for Vaccine Education for current news and flu vaccine ingredient list. This little piggy packs a punch!


Don't forget to turn your clocks back one hour on Sunday for sweet extra ZZZZ's to you.

Sue Richards

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blog Guelph: Dis-a-Ray

, originally uploaded by Denim.

As promised, I bring you photos of The Family Thrift Store and Dis-a-Ray AND food talk!

First off I thought I would link to the recipe of my favourite curry to make. I have seriously made this way too many times. It has heat which you could tame, and it really does taste like a tikka masala dish from your favourite restaurant. I would probably follow the advice of this blogger, and not use the salt called for. It is way too much, but other than that I follow the recipe. The comments are great to read for modifications.
I have a brick of tofu, that I am going to try experimenting with this weekend.

During the cold spell I was making oatmeal every morning. What I like to do to jazz it up is pour maple syrup on top, add a dollop of strained balkan style yogurt, so it's super thick, sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of crunchy granola, and finish it off with a drizzle of milk. I usually add a fruit too. Stewed apples or banana is especially good with this.
This morning I found this idea of stirring an egg into the oatmeal during the last minute of cooking. Ok, that just sounds creamy and rich and perfect for today after I get back from the gym.

Have a great day!


Blog Guelph: getcracking

getcracking, originally uploaded by Pedantic Romantic.

Blog Guelph: The Magic @ Thriftstock

The Magic @ Thriftstock, originally uploaded by theapoc.

Blog Guelph: Hall's

, originally uploaded by urban/spaceman.

Blog Guelph: Ray's

Align Center
, originally uploaded by missgillian.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blog Guelph: walls

, originally uploaded by PaulaRussell.

Lately here in my house we've taken to reading off bits from Rex Murphy's latest book, Canada, and Other Matters of Opinion. Even if you love, say, Bono from U2, you can't help but agree on his opinion that things are not right when he scolds his own government for not putting enough tax dollars into Africa aid, and then takes his song writing business out of Ireland because taxes are too high. Of course, Rex makes all this sound funny and preposterous.

I'm loving all the photos I've chosen today. Click on the photos and have a look around, if you're inclined, and I'll be back tomorrow with some food related goodness!

Have a great Wednesday! I love taking rainy day photos, and so I am off to do so!

Blog Guelph: Paint Peels

Paint Peels, originally uploaded by Davey S.

Blog Guelph: Post Rain

Post Rain, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Blog Guelph: Old Storage

Old Storage, originally uploaded by CAFREL.

Blog Guelph: tent

IMG_2420.JPG, originally uploaded by personality_dialysis.

Blog Guelph: hollow wind

hollow wind, originally uploaded by NaturesEssence.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blog Guelph: CORN IN WIND

Made in Guelph - CAFREL / Francesca Carrer

CORN IN WIND Originally uploaded by CAFREL

I would like to introduce many of you to CAFREL/Francesca Carrer's photostream. She might be relatively new on the Guelph Flickr scene, but she has sure hit it with a bang. I am not as familiar with Francesca's work as I am with many other photographers, but her work sure made an incredible first impression!  She has such a pervasive calmness to her images. She clearly distills and quiets her scenes down to focus on a single element or feeling. I find that when I am looking at her images it is not so much that she has frozen a moment in time for the subject, but more that she has frozen both the viewer and the subject together. That stillness she finds in so many subjects and translates so well to her images is both palpable and communicable.  My morning is certainly calmer for it. Her stream is peppered with some beautiful isolations, emotive landscapes, and mouth watering food and coffee. I would highly recommend sitting down and looking through her stream, but would suggest have you lunch or a coffee first, otherwise your afternoon will likely be lost.  So welcome Francesca, I look forward to following your stream.

Hope you are all having and enjoyable week,

Paula Russell

Blog Guelph: Can U Guess?

Can U Guess? Originally uploaded by CAFREL

Blog Guelph: Oceanside, California

Oceanside, California Originally uploaded by CAFREL

Blog Guelph: SILK

SILK Originally uploaded by CAFREL

Blog Guelph: Stone Wall & Tree

Stone Wall & Tree
Originally uploaded by CAFREL

Stone Wall & Tree Originally uploaded by CAFREL

Blog Guelph: Fog In The Park

Fog In The Park
Originally uploaded by CAFREL

Fog In The Park Originally uploaded by CAFREL


CREELMAN HALL U OF G Originally uploaded by CAFREL

Blog Guelph: End of Winter

End of Winter Originally uploaded by CAFREL

Blog Guelph: Purple Tops

Purple Tops Originally uploaded by CAFREL

Blog Guelph: Sarah's Tree

Sarah's Tree Originally uploaded by CAFREL

Monday, October 26, 2009

Blog Guelph: AGED CORNER

AGED CORNER, originally uploaded by CAFREL.

I was downtown a lot this weekend. Of course, you know that Dis-a-Ray from The Family Thrift Store has reopened an antique store down on Wyndham. We darted in looking for cameo pins and watches, and sure enough right there in a display case was both, and a fancy Guelph pin for myself. Before I stepped out of the store the pin went on my lapel. It's perfect.
After that, we went to find a battery for the big silver timex watch. Another fantastic buy, and it works perfectly.
Ray also had some fine looking vintage halloween masks, and a stereoscope slide viewer. There was also a bag of stereo images on card, which I was tempted to snatch up.
I am really happy Ray has set up shop downtown. For me, there was always something not right going downtown and passing the empty Family Thrift Store.
Of course I should really have gone through the Guelph pools for pictures of the downtown thrift store, but most times I choose photos and don't know what I'm going to write here until my fingers touch the keys. This was one of the times. Later in the week, I'll be back with a wide array of shots. Did you see that? Array - Ray. Groan.

Have a great day!


Blog Guelph: berries

1009 04, originally uploaded by > dezsö <.

Blog Guelph: Fallen Beauty

Fallen Beauty, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Blog Guelph: Resisting Change

Resisting Change, originally uploaded by lizlio.

Blog Guelph: not so greenhouse

not so greenhouse, originally uploaded by clinton.tonge.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Blog Guelph: Fragrant Rule Violation

Fragrant Rule Violation, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Hope today's Gem - from Mr. Talent aka Peter Kelly - stretches your facial muscles.

Sue Richards

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blog Guelph: Kaylee in the Arboretum

I am pretty sure I promised interesting fare today.
Alas, I am sick. The head it hurts.
This link sent to me by my dear friend, certainly made me feel better about the human race. Now if only it could clear the headache, and chills.
I think this pretty scarf might make me feel better about my lot. Online, wishful retail therapy does help slightly.

Oh, I think I see my donut coming in the door!
Have a great day, and wash your hands to ward away evil germs.


Blog Guelph: LatticeLeaf

LatticeLeaf, originally uploaded by CAFREL.

Blog Guelph: Bamboo Chime II

Bamboo Chime II, originally uploaded by CAFREL.

Blog Guelph: acorn

Align Center
, originally uploaded by kellyhughes1970.

Blog Guelph: Colourful Corn!

Colourful Corn!, originally uploaded by E|isha.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blog Guelph: Early morning flame

Early morning flame, originally uploaded by crisscrossgirl.

Take a look at the colour and light in these photos I've posted today!
Stunning stuff!

Let's see what do I have to share today. For one, I've got a squash curry ready for dinner, and it is splendid.

Hmmm. I guess that's it from me. Ha.
Oh, and I might make this Bengali Rice Kheer.
Tomorrow I promise to be brighter and talkative. Until then, everyone, have a great day!


Blog Guelph: Needles & Leaves

Needles & Leaves, originally uploaded by CAFREL.

Blog Guelph: Autumn's Warmth

Autumn's Warmth, originally uploaded by © Clare Photography.

Blog Guelph: Ladybugs inside the house!

Ladybugs inside the house!, originally uploaded by E|isha.

Blog Guelph: Oak leaves

Oak leaves, originally uploaded by Nirai Kanai.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blog Guelph: Small and Tall

Made in Guelph - RavenGirlPhotography / Julia Busato

Small and Tall Originally uploaded by RavenGirlPhotography

I am incredibly pleased to showcase the work of Julia Busato, and for those of you not yet familiar with her work I would highly recommend checking out the best of work on her site. Julia is what a photographer should be, open, dedicated, present, aware, genuine, respectful, and super connected to her vision. I have long admired Julia's photography and can still remember first seeing her work when I joined flickr, being absolutely amazed by it, and respecting just how much of herself she put into all her images. Her photography is what great photography is all about. By going so far beyond a simple two dimensional rendering of that which was in front of her, Julia crafts these emotional charged images where you feel empowered, you feel proud, you feel insecure, you feel alone, you feel loved, you feel sheltered,.... Viewing her work, to me, feels the same as it does sitting down in a room with a close friend, as the low light fades into evening, and you are filled with the emotional affect of having shared some very personal moments. I know not of what camera she uses, or how she lights her scenes, or how she gets such beautifully rich BW conversions, but none of that matters. Julia's work really feels like she uses her heart, her mind, and her experiences when she shoots, and supporting her images is not a mass of pixels, or .tiff saved data, but respect, genuine, honest, felt respect for herself and those people and things that she photographs. In my opinion, it is the respect that inheres both the approach and the image that makes an amazing image, and Julia does it so well and so often. Thank you, Julia, for sharing your work and yourself. I wish you all the best with your photography, Flickr will be your start but it certainly will not be your end.

Have a great day,

Paula Russell
(again, apologies for the quality, her work is far superior than this and I am working on getting this fixed - I would suggest going through her Flickr site!)

Blog Guelph: Fat Lady

Fat Lady  Originally uploaded by RavenGirlPhotography

Blog Guelph: Contortionist

Contortionist Originally uploaded by RavenGirlPhotography

Blog Guelph: Deaths Son

Deaths Son  Originally uploaded by RavenGirlPhotography

Blog Guelph: Long Lost Friend

Long Lost Friend Originally uploaded by RavenGirlPhotography

Blog Guelph: Bird Nest

Bird Nest Originally uploaded by RavenGirlPhotography

Blog Guelph: Lost In Memories

Blog Guelph: Some Of My Fav Parts

Blog Guelph: White Gold

White Gold  Originally uploaded by RavenGirlPhotography

Blog Guelph: Enraged

Enraged  Originally uploaded by RavenGirlPhotography

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