Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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Made in Guelph - Denim / Donna Dobbin

Originally uploaded by Denim

I am elated to showcase the work of Donna Dobbin, a local photographer who has amassed an amazing, sensitive, thorough, and emotive record of how she has experienced her world. Donna is an example of how photography is best executed, from herself and for herself. She embraces her vision, consciously or not, and shoots and presents the images in her own way. Donna produces incredibly engaging images which speak to awareness she clearly has of her own world. She has the enviable knack of feeling and photographing those elements most people pass by, and her facility with narrative really stops you when you look at her images, or more so when you take the time to feel them. The sway of the trees, the interactions between subjects, the irony in a storefront, all presented full of feeling and rhythm. Donna has adopted an approach to photography that is optimized for herself and her vision, and I think that honesty with self, leads to honesty with seeing, and ultimately to the honesty and authenticity of her images. Her approach isn't fancy; old camera she has taken the time to understand, film chemistry she is empowered to explore, and a level of engagement she does not shy aware from. Perhaps it is the simplicity that results in the image being about the feeling and not about the journey and about the subject and not herself. Trees, graffiti, objects in windows, reflections, puddles, she does it so well and she does it so differently. Donna, thank you for sharing, I have long admired and respected your work and the extent to which you are willing to share. I look forward to following your work in forums much greater than flickr.

I am currently in Alberta where it is -26, so I hope Guelph is much warmer.
Hope you are enjoying your day,

Paula Russell

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