Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blog Guelph: keeping tabs

Made in Guelph - emilyclaire.

keeping tabs Originally uploaded by emilyclaire.

I am pleased to highlight the work of local young photographer emilyclaire.. Her work has a liberating brashness to it. Amongst the assertive compositions and deftly handed tonal ranges you can really hear her laughing with her world. There is a boldness consistent to her images that speaks to an embraced engagement with her world that is effortlessly translated to her images. She does an amazing job developing a solid context for her subjects, like the interplay between graffiti and environment, which really serves to support the narrative of her work. emilyclaire. also seems particularly drawn to shape and again presents this in such a dynamic way that you come to realize this long after you have considered her images. I was really amazed by how she manages to present an idea, say squares or rectilinear shapes, and then subtly mocks the conformity/uniformity by including circles in the wood, or the organic flow of a hose. There is an honesty of the realized image with emilyclaire.'s work that is incredibly inspiring and admirable, I encourage you to take a look through her stream and I know you want be disappointed!

Hope the weather in Guelph is enjoyable and Happy Holidays to all you Blog Guelph readers!

Paula Russell

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