Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blog Guelph: oct 11 09 pool reflection cs (9)

Made in Guelph fishwithme55/Nick

I am pleased to showcase Nick's work which is as refreshing as Fall morning air. I don't know Nick beyond his images and his comments but what I do know is that you can feel the enthusiasm he has for photography in each of his photographs. He seems to compose his subjects in such a way as to provide a context supported by excitement. I am particularly drawn to his not-entirely-conventional use of focus and how it works to impart as sense of visual fog into his images. He really uses this focus to distill the image down to the important elements and to inject a huge amount of feeling and mood into the scene. Fog serves a powerful tool in his images, maybe by silencing the other elements, quieting the world around the subject while allowing the essential sounds to emerge from the otherwise cacophony of detail. Nick is a sensitive observer of his world and really seems to delight in the visual treasures he teases out of subjects most of us likely pass right by. Nick, your work is encouraging and energetic, and your enthusiasm is a huge boon for your own images and for those that make images around you. In your images, I find it very easy to place myself. Thank you so much for sharing and I look forward to following your stream.

Hope you are all enjoying the fog,

Paula Russell

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