Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blog Guelph: Dingle Peninsula - Grass Waves

Made in Guelph - Dave Noyle

Today I am excited to feature the work of Dave Noyle. I honestly cannot articulate exactly what it is about Dave's work that I find so compelling, but I do encourage you to think about this as you look at his images. Dave has an unbelievably sensitive and profound use of sky, light, and fog. While some photographers race out on a foggy morning to excitedly snap off a few pics, Dave seems to embrace the interface between the environmental and artistic. Whether it is fog, or mist, or dense low-hanging cloud, he seems to work these factors into amazing, powerful, and engaging anchors for the other elements of his image. Maybe that is what is so compelling, that he photographs these features in such a way that they become integral to the narrative in that they are supportive of other aspects, and not simply superficially beautiful. Dave also seems to enjoy the consequences of light, introduced or otherwise, and handles toning, colouring, and exposure with great ease. I feel like Dave makes images because he responds to what he observes, not because he feels like he has to, or he should, or something looks pretty. He is another photographer that realizes his work in a context greater than his eye. Dave, I really respect, admire, and am inspired by your vision and your photography. To those of you not yet familiar with his work, I highly recommend looking through his stream. If you get a sense of why his work is something so much more than a beautiful image, maybe let me know, because I don't think I have quite figured it out!

Sorry for the delay - but I hope you enjoy this Made in Guelph. I think I might just head through his stream again.

Paula Russell

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