Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blog Guelph: Small and Tall

Made in Guelph - RavenGirlPhotography / Julia Busato

Small and Tall Originally uploaded by RavenGirlPhotography

I am incredibly pleased to showcase the work of Julia Busato, and for those of you not yet familiar with her work I would highly recommend checking out the best of work on her site. Julia is what a photographer should be, open, dedicated, present, aware, genuine, respectful, and super connected to her vision. I have long admired Julia's photography and can still remember first seeing her work when I joined flickr, being absolutely amazed by it, and respecting just how much of herself she put into all her images. Her photography is what great photography is all about. By going so far beyond a simple two dimensional rendering of that which was in front of her, Julia crafts these emotional charged images where you feel empowered, you feel proud, you feel insecure, you feel alone, you feel loved, you feel sheltered,.... Viewing her work, to me, feels the same as it does sitting down in a room with a close friend, as the low light fades into evening, and you are filled with the emotional affect of having shared some very personal moments. I know not of what camera she uses, or how she lights her scenes, or how she gets such beautifully rich BW conversions, but none of that matters. Julia's work really feels like she uses her heart, her mind, and her experiences when she shoots, and supporting her images is not a mass of pixels, or .tiff saved data, but respect, genuine, honest, felt respect for herself and those people and things that she photographs. In my opinion, it is the respect that inheres both the approach and the image that makes an amazing image, and Julia does it so well and so often. Thank you, Julia, for sharing your work and yourself. I wish you all the best with your photography, Flickr will be your start but it certainly will not be your end.

Have a great day,

Paula Russell
(again, apologies for the quality, her work is far superior than this and I am working on getting this fixed - I would suggest going through her Flickr site!)

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