Monday, October 26, 2009

Blog Guelph: AGED CORNER

AGED CORNER, originally uploaded by CAFREL.

I was downtown a lot this weekend. Of course, you know that Dis-a-Ray from The Family Thrift Store has reopened an antique store down on Wyndham. We darted in looking for cameo pins and watches, and sure enough right there in a display case was both, and a fancy Guelph pin for myself. Before I stepped out of the store the pin went on my lapel. It's perfect.
After that, we went to find a battery for the big silver timex watch. Another fantastic buy, and it works perfectly.
Ray also had some fine looking vintage halloween masks, and a stereoscope slide viewer. There was also a bag of stereo images on card, which I was tempted to snatch up.
I am really happy Ray has set up shop downtown. For me, there was always something not right going downtown and passing the empty Family Thrift Store.
Of course I should really have gone through the Guelph pools for pictures of the downtown thrift store, but most times I choose photos and don't know what I'm going to write here until my fingers touch the keys. This was one of the times. Later in the week, I'll be back with a wide array of shots. Did you see that? Array - Ray. Groan.

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