Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blog Guelph: Rumpled sheets and light

Rumpled sheets and light Originally uploaded by changing_hue

Made in Guelph - changing_hue / Emily Brown

I would like to a take a moment to feature this absolutely amazing photographer. Emily really seems to capture those moments that are most often felt before, or even if ever, they are seen. Her images speak to that which was before and that which may be. Sometimes her images make me wonder whether her negatives were set by residual emotion moreso than remaining light. She has a stunning set of self portraits that are emotive, serious, playful, thoughtful, comical, and always engaging in that way that self portraiture should be but often is not. I invite you to take a look through her stream, you won't regret it, and most likely you will be pretty moved. There is a sensitivity and respect that are underpins her work, regardless of subject. Thank you Emily for sharing these images, your observations, and your responses.

Hope you are enjoying the familiar gray of this past summer,



Donna said...

I'm always on the look out for new photos on Emily's flickr stream.

This gal has talent!

Thanks, Paula. The photos you've chosen are fantastic together.

montreal florist said...

Sweet light made a fantastic mood. It's gorgeours shot!

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