Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blog Guelph: From Small Acorns....

From Small Acorns...., originally uploaded by claygrl.

Today, I bring you a mix of photos from the Guelph pools.

It's a cool day out there today, and it's not entirely welcome. Fall is fabulous, but I do feel a little let down by Summer, and I'm bitter. For some reason I miss those humid disgusting days from past summers. Call me crazy, but it's true.
I'll get over it and I will start to embrace Fall. Maybe I should write a Fall Manifesto!
Have a great day, everyone!

Blog Guelph: Red Brick Cafe - Guelph

Red Brick Cafe - Guelph, originally uploaded by Seeking~Zen.

Blog Guelph: Forest

Forest, originally uploaded by maysports007.

Blog Guelph: Torn Fence.

Torn Fence., originally uploaded by DaShef.

Blog Guelph: leaf

DSC_0125, originally uploaded by scratchedcornea.

Blog Guelph: eyes

IMG_5450mf450 s, originally uploaded by fishwithme55.

Blog Guelph: Macdonnell Street

Macdonnell Street, originally uploaded by felixtrio.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blog Guelph: in the dark

Made in Guelph - Crevicehead / Erin

in the dark Originally uploaded by crevicehead

I am pleased to showcase some selected images from Erin's stream. There are a number of incredibly remarkable things about Erin's photography and it was difficult to present the depth of amazingness in this abbreviated forum. She certainly shoots a variety of subjects that she shoots in an equality varied manner. There is a profound peace and tranquility that inheres her images regardless of subject matter. This feeling manifests itself through her sensitive but strong use of tone and the very settled nature to her composition. Imparted into her images is a sense that she saw her subject for some time before she took the photograph, and still continues to see it through the image. Her work really speaks to an inner exploration of the world she experiences, of how her camera captures those experiences, and how the final image communicates that experience. Erin really seems like one of those photographers that happens to be very comfortable learning a new piece of equipment, be it for recording or processing, and adopts and adapts it to her vision with ease and grace. So thank you Erin, for being persistent in evolving your work, for having the confidence to explore your avenues, and for sharing your images. She has a really beautiful and diverse stream which I suggest you take a look through.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day,

Paula Russell

Blog Guelph: tranquility

tranquility Originally uploaded by crevicehead

Blog Guelph: chachi

chachi Originally uploaded by crevicehead

Blog Guelph: two posts

two posts Originally uploaded by crevicehead

Blog Guelph:

Originally uploaded by crevicehead

Blog Guelph:

Originally uploaded by crevicehead

Blog Guelph: lines

lines Originally uploaded by crevicehead

Blog Guelph: tree line

tree line Originally uploaded by crevicehead

Blog Guelph:

Originally uploaded by crevicehead

Blog Guelph: specs

specs Originally uploaded by crevicehead

Monday, September 28, 2009

Blog Guelph: light

, originally uploaded by PaulaRussell.

Can you guess what all these shots have in common?
You have got it! Film!

I've had a passion for film ever since I got my first digital SLR. It was a funny way of finding it, eh.
I wonder how many of you out there still carry a torch and keep film alive. There have been murmurings of a film club for Guelph, and I'll let you know all about it if it comes about.

There is also something else I want to tell you about. On Friday's post there was a comment from Elora's BIA administrator for a Monster March!

"You and your group are invited to join in the
First annual
Monster March Parade
On Saturday, October 24th, at 6 pm
Which will wind its way through Downtown Elora.

This is a non-motorized Costume Parade
Motorized vehicles of any kind/size will not be permitted
and all participants must be costumed.

The Parade will be a wonderful community event, which will also serve as an integral fundraiser for our local foodbank. We will be collecting non-perishable food items at the start and finish areas of the Parade route from McDonald Square to the Elora General Store.

If you would like to participate in this year’s Monster March,
request a registration form from the
BIA Administrator, 9 Mill St. West, Elora
Email: [email protected] Call Monday - Tues: 519-846-2563"

Have a great Monday and have a click on the photos below!


Blog Guelph: sky

, originally uploaded by Denim.

Blog Guelph: corner

corner, originally uploaded by blairware.

Blog Guelph: Bridge

Bridge, originally uploaded by firda.

Blog Guelph: gutted.

gutted., originally uploaded by sami k.

Blog Guelph: Guelph Lake

Guelph Lake, originally uploaded by Henry Roxas.

Blog Guelph: Rectory

Rectory, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Blog Guelph: BW

, originally uploaded by PaulaRussell.

Blog Guelph: Jimmy Jazz

Jimmy Jazz, originally uploaded by cool-baby.

Blog Guelph: Film HBW

Film HBW, originally uploaded by Davey S.

Blog Guelph: black and white

, originally uploaded by PaulaRussell.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Blog Guelph: Lensbaby - Black Eyed Susan

Hello again all!

I'm just dropping in quickly for one shot friday.
Here it is:
It appears that my friend Alan has a new toy....lucky lad.
Thought I'd leave you with a moody Friday poem too.
Just for fun.

Although it has very little connection to the picture come to think of it....

To whoever is not listening to the sea
this Friday morning, to whoever is cooped up
in house or office, factory
or street or mine or dry prison cell,
to him I come, and without speaking or looking
I arrive and open the door of his prison,
and a vibration starts up, vague and insistent,
a long rumble of thunder adds itself
to the weight of the planet and the foam,
the groaning rivers of ocean rise,
the star vibrates quickly in its corona
and the sea beats, dies, and goes on beating.
So, drawn on by my destiny,
I ceaselessly must listen to and keep
the sea's lamenting in my consciousness,
I must feel the crash of the hard water
and gather it up in a perpetual cup
so that, wherever those in prison may be,
wherever they suffer the sentence of the autumn,
I may be present with an errant wave,
I may move in and out of windows,
and hearing me, eyes may lift themselves,
asking "How can I reach the sea?"
And I will pass to them, saying nothing,
the starry echoes of the wave,
a breaking up of foam and quicksand,
a rustling of salt withdrawing itself,
the gray cry of sea birds on the coast.

So, through me, freedom and the sea
will call in answer to the shrouded heart.

Pablo Neruda (of course)


-Downtown Lynn-

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blog Guelph: oh lily lily

oh lily lily, originally uploaded by clinton.tonge.

I'm glad someone's lily bloomed this year. My calla sadly grew piles of some fine leaves, but not one flower. Soon it will winter in the basement where it will be totally ignored until Spring. I'll then dig it out from under whatever landed on it and I'll see the tiniest bits of life poking up from the dirt.

I hope your Thursday is shaping up well, and that you are enjoying the day. These photos have certainly made my day brighter!


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blog Guelph: Mourning Cloak

Mourning Cloak, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Blog Guelph: bubbly

bubbly, originally uploaded by NaturesEssence.

Blog Guelph: butterfly

IMG_3420f420 s, originally uploaded by fishwithme55.

Blog Guelph: Macro Workshop - Pretty in Pink

Blog Guelph: dahlia

_DSC5712, originally uploaded by E|isha.

Blog Guelph: Fall has arrived

Fall has arrived, originally uploaded by maysports007.

Fall has arrived, and today, I make pesto! I've been putting off pulling out the basil. I wanted it bigger and taller. I wanted more. It just wasn't in the cards this year.
The recipe I'll use will include walnuts instead of pine nuts and I will pestle and mortar the whole business. I sound serious about my pesto what with the pestle and mortar, but it's only because the food processor is on it's last legs.

One year I made sage pesto and it was mighty fine. Here's the recipe.

Enjoy your day everyone. I think we're in for more rain!

Blog Guelph: and so it begins...

and so it begins..., originally uploaded by Robert Pete.

Blog Guelph: Reflection v5.0

Reflection v5.0, originally uploaded by maysports007.

Blog Guelph: trees

DSC_6576, originally uploaded by DaShef.

Blog Guelph: Stroms

Align CenterStroms, originally uploaded by Jay Morrison.

Blog Guelph: Too young to die

Too young to die, originally uploaded by maysports007.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blog Guelph: Rumpled sheets and light

Rumpled sheets and light Originally uploaded by changing_hue

Made in Guelph - changing_hue / Emily Brown

I would like to a take a moment to feature this absolutely amazing photographer. Emily really seems to capture those moments that are most often felt before, or even if ever, they are seen. Her images speak to that which was before and that which may be. Sometimes her images make me wonder whether her negatives were set by residual emotion moreso than remaining light. She has a stunning set of self portraits that are emotive, serious, playful, thoughtful, comical, and always engaging in that way that self portraiture should be but often is not. I invite you to take a look through her stream, you won't regret it, and most likely you will be pretty moved. There is a sensitivity and respect that are underpins her work, regardless of subject. Thank you Emily for sharing these images, your observations, and your responses.

Hope you are enjoying the familiar gray of this past summer,


Blog Guelph: IMG_0002

IMG_0002 Originally uploaded by changing_hue

Blog Guelph: caitlin reflection1

caitlin reflection1 Originally uploaded by changing_hue

Blog Guelph: long moment 03

long moment 03 Originally uploaded by changing_hue

Blog Guelph: 6 hands 2 ever

6 hands 2 ever Originally uploaded by changing_hue

Blog Guelph: light like a kiss

light like a kiss Originally uploaded by changing_hue

Blog Guelph: 08730009

08730009 Originally uploaded by changing_hue

Blog Guelph: Red Brick

Red BrickOriginally uploaded by changing_hue

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