Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blog Guelph: Spring Memory

Spring Memory, originally uploaded by kellyhughes1970.

Made in Guelph

It's a beauty day out there and this shot just takes my breath away.
It also perfectly illustrates my state of mind today - fully aware of the gorgeousness of it all, yet it lies somewhere beyond my reach. Beyond focus.
Oh well, that's my problem - you lot just go enjoy it.

Enjoy it with a shot or five of loveliness from one Kelly Hughes, our featured photographer today.
I was lucky enough to meet this talented lass at Sue Richards very special evening this past Saturday. Kelly was instrumental in organizing the huge array of photos donated to our awesome cause by members of the equally awesome Guelph Photography Club.
Cheers to you all.

And hooray to Kelly for cheering me up today.

-Downtown Lynn-

*** Addendum! This just in!***

While Kelly was most helpful the evening of the big event, Doug England and Alan Norsworthy logged many hours towards pulling off this Guelph Photography Club aspect of the fundraising effort. Credit where credit is due!

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