Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blog Guelph: I'm a Fish, I'm a Fish, I'm a Fish in a Dog Suit

Story Time!
Yesterday, walking through the park I heard howling coming from the corner of the park where there is a bit of a little woodland area. At first I thought baby, and then cat in heat, and then wounded animal. It was a distance away, and the crying stopped for a minute while I stood and listened, waiting. I started walking, and then it started again. There was no way I could continue walking, wondering the worst.
I thought well, if it's a cat in heat, the clover on the hill will make a nice photo. The crying became fever pitched, high above my head. There, up nice and high is a cat stuck in the branches. hmmm. Then I hear trickling and leaves being splashed with urine. Kitty was up there a while. The howling continued after the release of fluids. What to do? What to do?
A few minutes pass, while I think I should walk back to ask the girl on the step to use her phone. On the other side of the park someone else hears the cries, and bikes over. This someone is stronger and more daring, and decides to scale the tree. At first there was a little humming and hawing over his cell phone, and there was a ladder that was just a tad on the short side, before the daring jump from one branch to another.
By the final few shimmies up, along comes the owner, the girl on the step! We find out the cat was up there for over a day, and he's an indoor cat. Saved! From the bottom of the tree it looked like he was saving a human. The cat hung over his shoulder, and didn't move the whole way back down.
My favourite visual of this story is the end. We stood as a group on the hill, talked for a few minutes, and then all went in exactly opposite directions. The sun was shining. The day had just begun, and anything was possible.

I'm also going to leave you a link on strawberries. I've yet to have an Ontario strawberry this season, and after reading this, I will savour them big time.
Enjoy this glorious Wednesday, friends!


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