Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bog Guelph: Fuzzy Seed

Fuzzy Seed

photo credit: columbud

I'm looking for signs of spring in Guelph today. Yesterday I saw mud mixed in with plenty of ice, but I saw mud, and it was soft. I have seen seen a few spring jackets, and running shoes instead of boots. There was also a girl with white backless shoes slipping to school. I saw buds on a tree. Now, that nearly made me jump up and down. There is now a little circle of grass around trees and bushes where once was packed tight with snow. I've been seeing a lot of garbage, and today I'll bring a bag to pick up what I can.

Right now I see fog and lots of it. Fog always makes photos seem magical, but makes driving difficult. Take care out there and check back in during the day while I search for spring and post here on Blog Guelph.

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