Friday, February 27, 2009

Blog Guelph: A dream so real

a dream so real, originally uploaded by NaturesEssence.

Well wrap me up and call me a bundle of contradictions but I swear I love the rain almost as much as I love the sun.
Beware though! Evidently this spring in my step may take a hazardous turn to ice by tonight.
Hang on everyone, we're in for a slippy ride. Safe travels.

This Gem of the Day is brought to you by NaturesEssence and Blog Guelph's cutting edge weather network.
Who knew?

-Downtown Lynn-

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blog Guelph: Dog Days of Winter

, originally uploaded by oliverstreetphoto.

I'm was on the verge of whining about winter's grey skies when the sun blasted through the cloud cover and set me to purring. But - just in case the sunshine is short lived, I came across this sentimental gem to help you through future drab bits.

"My sunshine doesn't come from the skies,
It comes from the love in my dog's eyes."

Unknown Poet

And so today is for the dogs....

Sue Richards

~ Click on any K9 and go for a romp through each great photographers fotostream.

Blog Guelph: Too much elefun

Too much elefun, originally uploaded by TheGiantVermin.

Blog Guelph: Daisy Face

Daisy Face, originally uploaded by Our Enchanted Garden.

Blog Guelph: Dogs In Snow

Dogs In Snow, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Blog Guelph: alpha dog

alpha dog, originally uploaded by vw-busman.

Blog Guelph's fave dog and generous web host - Barking Dog Studio's.

Blog Guelph: dog (almost) gone

dog gone, originally uploaded by blairware.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blog Guelph: winter seed

winter seed, originally uploaded by digitalambitions.

Guess what?
Today is Blog Guelph's third birthday!
Yep, while I was thinking of something witty to say, I thought, let's see what was written February 25th, 2006.

"Call it what you will. Cow Town, G-town, Royal City, City of Music, or home sweet home, Guelph is a vortex of creative genius.

If you happened to be from Guelph, or know someone from Guelph who's Blog you'd like to see on these pages, send it on over. I will give them a posting, and a link.

If you are having pronunciation problems try this: Goow-Elf. Or try throwing up. The sound you make is the name of our city.

Sue Richards"

I love the second last sentence!

Happy Birthday, Blog Guelph! You're looking great!


Blog Guelph: light

, originally uploaded by PaulaRussell.

Blog Guelph: lost seed

lost seed, originally uploaded by digitalambitions.

Blog Guelph: path

IMG_0846, originally uploaded by ramsaywaxwing.

Blog Guelph: Crystals

Crystals, originally uploaded by one hundred watts.

Blog Guelph: Woods Carvings

Woods Carvings, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blog Guelph: Hand up

hands, originally uploaded by Pedantic Romantic.

Dear Dear Blog Guelph viewers,

Apologies for such a late and oh so brief Made in Guelph today.
The pirates stole me and took me to the land where internet doesn't exist.
Ok, that didn't really happen, but I didn't want to disparage my Internet Service Provider so publicly. They will, however, get a wicked tongue lashing as soon as I can get back online and give this nice fella his computer back....

Here's a pic (sigh, just one) from Pedantic Romantic and it's a keeper.
Consider it my peace pact.

-Downtown Lynn-

Monday, February 23, 2009

Blog Guelph: Minimalist Monday

138, originally uploaded by grangemaple.

Today's photo selection is as simple as 1 2 3!

And do enjoy your last Monday in February.

Sue Richards

Blog Guelph: Endless Possibilities...

Endless Possibilities..., originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Blog Guelph: Go Crow Go

, originally uploaded by Denim.

Blog Guelph: Window HeArt

Absence Makes A Heart, originally uploaded by Ian Service.

Blog Guelph: Still....

_MG_1715gpc, originally uploaded by Fossil Light.

Blog Guelph: 1 2 3 Lines

Shadow Lines, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Blog Guelph: You Want This?

You Want This?, originally uploaded by Ian Service.
Gem of the Day

Last week, I went looking for signs of Spring. I think I jumped the gun. I did see a cardinal and buds on a tree, but I am sure both are hiding again.

Didn't you love Sue's post yesterday? Scroll down a tad and smile.

Also, if you want to be taken away from the snow and into a rainier climate, Coraline is playing at the Galaxy Cinemas. I saw it last night, and it was a hit.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blog Guelph: Winter Faces

through the window, originally uploaded by K.Jane.

And so winter drones on....

My pal Chris from Melbourne Australia - the land of drought, wildfires and intense heat - sent me a link to his One Thousand Faces photo blog - which provided me with the inspiration for today's series of a dozen images I'm calling Winter Faces.

We've pretty much been bundled up since November in Guelph and our much anticipated spring unveiling still seems eons away. And yet we persevere - smiling (okay maybe not everyone) our way through the longer days, making the best of what could well be a five month winter. Bleeeeck!!

Do remember to click on any and all the pics. You'll be further entertained by our corral of brilliant local photographers.

Sue Richards


Blog Guelph: iPlatinum

iPlatinum, originally uploaded by Dom Cruz.

Blog Guelph: Serious Man Stuff

_MG_1741gpc, originally uploaded by Fossil Light.

Blog Guelph: Lookin' Fabulous

Lookin' Fabulous, originally uploaded by Dom Cruz.

Blog Guelph: Warm

Arbaa-close up, originally uploaded by Davey S.

Blog Guelph: Guess Who?

my funny valentine, originally uploaded by downtownlynn.

Blog Guelph: Look of Love

valentine's day, originally uploaded by TheGiantVermin.

Blog Guelph: First

Winter, originally uploaded by brandelicious.

Blog Guelph: Winter Tunes

Tunes, originally uploaded by Dom Cruz.

Blog Guelph: Winter Survalience

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blog Guelph: Hillside Inside

Hillside Inside 064, originally uploaded by John Q6.

Welcome to Tuesdays
Made in Guelph

Because the Flickr hiccups of last week put a kibosh on our Hillside Inside special, I'm going to try again today, courtesy of John Q6.


-Downtown Lynn-

Blog Guelph: Hillside Inside

Hillside Inside 063, originally uploaded by John Q6.

Blog Guelph: Hillside Inside

Hillside Inside 017, originally uploaded by John Q6.

Blog Guelph: Hillside Inside

Hillside Inside 066, originally uploaded by John Q6.

Blog Guelph: Hillside Inside

Hillside Inside 070, originally uploaded by John Q6.

Blog Guelph: Hillside Inside

Hillside Inside 050, originally uploaded by John Q6.

Blog Guelph: Hillside Inside

Hillside Inside 067, originally uploaded by John Q6.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Blog Guelph: Family Day

Fountain, originally uploaded by 1AGFOXXX.

It's the second annual Family Day in Ontario - meaning loads of people have the day off work. With the sun shining and a manageable -1c forecast, it's the perfect opportunity to get outside for some family February fun.

Do dress appropriately....

More photos tomorrow.

Sue Richards

Friday, February 13, 2009

Blog Guelph: Love is Everything

Guelph hippies take the street, originally uploaded by J. Saper.

'Tis cheesy but true.
Here's your One Shot Wonder for Friday Folks.

-Downtown Lynn-

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blog Guelph: Gow's bridge

Gow's bridge, originally uploaded by blairware.

Blog Guelph: Falling Behind

, originally uploaded by Pah Print.

Blog Guelph: Tail End of Winter

Tiger Tail, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bog Guelph: Fuzzy Seed

Fuzzy Seed

photo credit: columbud

I'm looking for signs of spring in Guelph today. Yesterday I saw mud mixed in with plenty of ice, but I saw mud, and it was soft. I have seen seen a few spring jackets, and running shoes instead of boots. There was also a girl with white backless shoes slipping to school. I saw buds on a tree. Now, that nearly made me jump up and down. There is now a little circle of grass around trees and bushes where once was packed tight with snow. I've been seeing a lot of garbage, and today I'll bring a bag to pick up what I can.

Right now I see fog and lots of it. Fog always makes photos seem magical, but makes driving difficult. Take care out there and check back in during the day while I search for spring and post here on Blog Guelph.

For more great Guelph photos, try these links:

Downtown Guelph, University of Guelph, The Guelph Hillside Festival or The Guelph Lake Conservation Area.

On the other hand, you may be curious about what the City of Guelph looked like last October or maybe Spring.

Indeed you may be the type that would love to wade through our deep and refreshing archives. There are over 5,000 terrific Guelph photos, taken by a growing tribe of fantastic photographers, currently available for your viewing pleasure. Check out the Blog Guelph archives located 'back up there' and appropriately titled: Blog Guelph Archives.