Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Blog Guelph: Shy One

Shy One, originally uploaded by peterkelly.

Made in Guelph

A soggy Tuesday to you all.
Today we have the great, good fortune of having a peek at some Peter Kelly's pics again. This time, however, with a colourful twist.
I've focused on Peter's black & whites before - those pics for which he's famous, of course - but today want to offer up a slice of his visual rainbow....

I met PK last year (nicknamed even before the face to face) while crouching down, vainly trying to get shots of Winter Lights & Music 07. It was the greatest thing: here's a guy I've spoken to many times via Flickr and Blog Guelph - begging and pleading for permission to use his shots, and yet someone I had not yet met. Meeting those with whom you've somehow formed a cyber-friendship has happened to me a few times now and I'm everso grateful for it.
But I digress.

I believe Peter is the Admiral or at very least Captain of The Guelph Photography Club, a 167 member strong, newly logo-ed and inspirational group with way better cameras and knowledge than me...

Here's the crux of this post then,
Peter Kelly rocks.
In colour too.
See for yourself...

-Downtown Lynn-

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