Thursday, December 18, 2008

Blog Guelph: Give Naturally

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Back in November 2006, I caught wind of a Guelph project that completely captured my imagination - a crazy, ambitious project with a 500-year time frame.

Yes you read that correctly. FIVE HUNDRED YEARS!!

In the last two years, the PLANT AN OLD GROWTH FOREST PROJECT has been gathering strength. The intent - to bring back a piece of the original forest to the grounds of the Ignatius Jesuit Centre just north of the City of Guelph on the east side of Highway 6 and to keep it safe from development for 500 years!!

I've recently joined the Restoration Committee because I want to lend my hand and be on the 'forest' floor of this remarkable legacy.

You too can be involved.

"For every donation of $20 to the Old Growth Forest Project, the Ignatius Jesuit Centre of Guelph will set aside a square metre of land, to be protected in perpetuity."

"Each square metre sponsored can be in honour of a loved one through personalized certificates; ideal for gift giving!"

So imagine this - it's the year 2508 and your relatives are paying tribute to you for your forward thinking and involvement as they wander through this magnificent, mature forest.

How friggin cool is that?

Here's the HOW TO . Now please - GO DO.

Ho Ho

Sue Richards

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Donna said...

I just purchased in honour of my niece.

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